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Eaden Marti Headshot Photo

Eaden saw his first magic show at age six and ever since has been learning, creating, and performing. Even though he is only 22 years old, he has worked hard to be at the top of his craft; including being a finalist in both a national and state talent show competition, as well as recently winning 1st-place in a national magic competition.

Eaden spends hours every day practicing and learning new magic. He is happiest in front of an audience, wowing them and making them question their reality.


Contact Eaden now to learn how he can make your event even more memorable!


While Eaden performs mainly as a magician and mentalist, he is also an accomplished actor. Eaden has formal training including a Bachelor of theater arts degree and experience acting for theatre as well as for film.


To see Eaden's full acting resume and headshots please click here.  

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